Monday, 9 August 2010

Step #5 - Gathering Documents: Sealed University Transcripts

At present, it is compulsory to verify your Degree qualifications to Korean immigration, by sending them a set of sealed and signed University transcripts. This may seem straight forward, but you would be surprised at how many people get held up at this step! There are, in fact, a surprising number of mistakes that universities can make, that can cost you precious time and money to correct. Transcripts without a seal, transcripts without a signature, transcripts with a seal and signature but not fixed in the correct fashion etc. etc. etc...I'm sure you get the idea. In order to avoid any of these mistakes being made, my suggestion to you at this point is as follows: send your university a picture of a correctly sealed transcript for them to view. This will hopefully prevent any misunderstandings.

Also, make sure to ask your university to seal each transcript individually, as it can sometimes happen that they put all sets of the transcript into one envelope and just seal that one, which would be useless to you.

Click here for an example of a correctly sealed transcript. And just for the sake of comparison, this is an example of an incorrectly sealed transcript...

Updates to E-2 visa regulations: Sealed University Transcripts

Note: These are the changes noted in the E-2 visa notice as posted by HiKorea here.

The change of 'self verification of the original diploma' system

- From 2010.9.1 when you get visa status invitation, apply for extension, apply for the permission to move into a new workplace and all kinds of sojourn related applications you will have to submit a copy of your diploma or graduation certificate or certificate of obtain degree which has a Apostille stamp or verification from the Korean Embassy in your own country or a verification from the Korean Council For University Education.
* The original rule for submitting the original diploma and sealed transcript system will be abolished.(from 2010.9.1)
* Submitting the sealed transcript will be omitted.(from 2010.9.1)"

Step #5 - Gathering Documents: University Diploma

All Nationalities (except Canadians)

As Korean immigration no longer accepts original degree diplomas, you now have the following two options available to you:

1) You can have a copy of your degree verified by your local Korean Consulate.


2) You can have a copy of your degree notarised and then subsequently Apostilled.

The process for getting a degree notarised and apostilled varies between countries. The links below connect you to the various organizations that can provide apostille services.



New Zealand

South Africa

Note: UK applicants can get copies of their degree certified instead of notarised. This service is far more cost effective (£5-15 instead of £65+), but will still be accepted for Apostille and is also acceptable to Korean Immigration.


Canadian Nationals

Canadians have the following two options available to them:

1) You can have a copy of your degree verified by your local Korean Consulate (preferred option).


2) You can have a Letter of Completion/ Certificate of Graduation verified by your local Korean Consulate.

For a list of Korean Consulates in Canada, please click here.