Friday, 3 June 2011

Lesson 5 - The Rajah's Rice

Lesson 5a

Grade 3 - Lesson 5a - Could you give me some tips?

Lesson 4 - Soccer, the World's Most Popular Sport

Lesson 4a

Grade 3- Lesson 4a - I think...

Lesson 4b

Grade 3- Lesson 4b- Which One is Better

Chapter 3 - Traveling in Korea

Lesson 3a

Grade 3 - Lesson 3a - How far is it, how long will it take...

Chapter 2 - April Fool's Day Tricks

Lesson 2a

Grade 3- Lesson 2a - Guess What!

Lesson 2b

Grade 3- Lesson 2b- You Mean...

Chapter 1 - Schools Around the World

Lesson 1a

Grade 3 - Lesson 1a - Asking Permission and Making Excuses

Middle School Grade 3 Lesson Plans

Here I am posting all of my Grade 3 materials for my middle school classes. They are based on the curriculum for the Middle School English 3 books by Johanna L. Haas.

Some of the powerpoints were made by me from scratch, others are simply modified PPT's I've found across the web and adjusted to fit my classes. I have done my best to name the ones I modified though, if I left anything out and you see something familiar though, if you let me know I will mention it.

Chapter 1 - Schools Around the World

Chapter 2 - April Fools' Day Tricks

Chapter 3 - Traveling in Korea

Chapter 4 - Soccer, the World's Most Popular Sport

Chapter 5 - The Rajah's Rice

Chapter 6 - Helping Hands

Chapter 7 - Bright Lights, Big Cities

Chapter 8 - Poems We Love

Chapter 9 - Encyclopedia Brown, the Boy Detective

Chapter 10 - Fun Science

Chapter 11 - Who Is Behind the Sweet Taste of Chocolate?

Chapter 5 - The World of Robots

Lesson 5a

Grade 1 - Lesson 5a- Can You...